Outskrts is a homegrown festival and events series for all of the people on the outskirts of the queer community! Our events are open to everyone, however, the purpose of Outskrts is to provide space for those who are on the outskirts. Female identifying of any sexuality including people of color and our trans male allies of any sexuality. Again, everyone is welcome as long as they understand the intent and are respectful of our space. 99% of the performers, vendors, organizers, event and festival goers fall under the Outskrts umbrella. It's not a "women only festival/events" but it is centered towards women in that we expect the largest percentage of the umbrella (performers, vendors, organizers, and festival/event goers) will be women. Women is inclusive of anyone who identifies in any way as a woman/female. We held our first festival in July of 2018 in Bonner Springs, KS and followed up with an event series in 2019 preparing for a 2020 festival.

Outskrts Flyer 2020

We've spent 2019 preparing for a larger festival in late summer of 2020! Check out our events page for more information on events leading up to the festival: 2020 Events