Available Saturday, July 14

  • Health and Wellness Mobile - General Health Screening: 12-8
  • KC Care - HIV/Hep C: 12-5

Available Sunday, July 15

  • Diagnostic Imaging - Mammograms: 12-6 [ Must schedule appointment. See details below ] 
  • Rodgers - General Health Screenings:  2-6 
  • KC Care - HIV/Hep C: 12-4 


- You MUST schedule an appointment [ 816-444-9989 OR 913-344-9989 OR schedule online ]
- FREE if covered by your insurance. $55 without insurance. [ Check for coverage online ]

What services are provided?
Symptomatic mammograms. Symptoms that would indicate a need for a diagnostic mammogram include a palpable lump that is new or has changed in size, shape or tenderness, nipple discharge.

Who can be seen?
People 35-39 years old may obtain a baseline screening mammogram.Women 40 years or older do not need an order. Everyone should check with their insurance provider prior to the screening for plan eligibility and coverage. Your most recent screening mammogram should be 12 months or more prior to the current mammogram for insurance coverage reasons. Please complete the Breast Imaging Form and, if you have had prior mammograms outside DIC, the Medical Records Release Form, then provide them at the time of your appointment. You will also need your insurance card. A credit/debit card (no cash or checks) can be used for uninsured patients, or if you elect to pay the $55 fee for a 3D screening (if your insurance doesn’t cover 3D). On the day of your mammogram, please refrain from wearing deodorant, lotion or perfume from the waist up. Also, wear a two-piece outfit so you don’t have to fully disrobe. All patients should be INDEPENDENTLY ambulatory and able to maneuver the coach's steps, sit, stand and change to a shoulder gown unaided. Services for patients who need diagnostic mammograms, help ambulating or are anatomically male are welcome at one of our six convenient locations around the Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas. 

When can a patient be seen?
Sunday, July 15th from Noon to 6:00 at the festival grounds. Everyone must schedule an appointment to be seen during the festival on the mobile coach. When scheduling your mammogram, tell the scheduler that the appointment is on the mobile coach for Outskrts Festival on July 15th. TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT, CALL 816-444-9989 OR 913-344-9989 OR online